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Vi säljer och servar hela Ceramicspeeds sortiment!

Vid köp av Ceramicspeeds OSPW, kedja eller vevlager bjuder vi på installationen!

Vid köp av Ceramicspeeds hjullager står vi för 50% på installationskostnaden.

Oversized Pulley Wheel System

Pris från 4995:-


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UFO kedjor!

 Due to its unique optimisation treatment, CeramicSpeed's Ultrafast Racing Chain saves you watts and improves your performance with free speed and unparalleled low friction. Our ultrafast racing chains are carefully selected from high quality suppliers and optimised by hand in Denmark.

Pris från. 1450:- 

UFO kedjor hos cycliste

UFO Produkter!

​UFO Drip. Pris 420:-

UFO Clean. Pris 285:-

UFO Grease. Pris Från 160:-

UFO Clean Bearings 

Pris. 260:-

Ceramicspeed, norrtälje, stockholm installation

Your choice, your advantage

Your choice, your advantage

One hidden force affects your speed and efficiency on the bike – friction. That’s why, when you’re optimising your bike, it’s worth focusing on every detail, especially the small moving parts that are affected by friction.

CeramicSpeed technology focuses on reducing friction and producing bearings with an unmatched lifetime, meaning that you get to ride faster or save energy. With CeramicSpeed products in your hubs, pulley wheels and bottom bracket, tests show that you’ll save between 6–9 watts, compared to using standard bearings. Those savings increase further with the use of a CeramicSpeed UFO Racing Chain. This will save between 2–5 watts, taking your competitive advantage up to 14 watts.

Upgrading your rear derailleur to the CeramicSpeed Oversized Pulley Wheel System completes the optimisation equation. Thanks to the unique design and componentry, the oversized pulley wheels reduce friction in the derailleur by 40–60% when compared to the high-end pulley wheels usually used in the cycling industry. By reducing friction with every opportunity, the CeramicSpeed technology can round up the watt savings between 10 and 16 watts.


CeramicSpeed products help you ride faster using less energy. This can be the difference between winning and losing. Whether you ride for pleasure or you are a pro athlete fighting the clock, you will always benefit from riding with CeramicSpeed bearing products and chains, as well as using the fastest bottled product for chains, UFO Drip. Take advantage whether you are riding road, off-road or triathlon.

Save 10-16 watts using Hub Bearings, Bottom Bracket, an OSPW System and UFO Chain. Alternatively, upgrade your bike with a standard CeramicSpeed Bearing upgrade (includes Hub Bearings, Bottom Bracket and 11-tooth Pulley Wheels and results in 6-9 watts energy savings), or add the CeramicSpeed UFO Chain to the standard upgrade and save a total of 8-14 watts.

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